Barbara wrote that her heart skipped a beat and so did mine; a momentary pause in order to recognise a body that we have both been searching for. The immediacy of the moment was keyed to the potentiality of what could arise; a revealing of what does not yet exist.

Reaching out to grasp what lies before us my fingers fumble with your amorphousness, an almost immobile air that grazes at my fingertips. It does not yield to the forms of my desire. It remains simply as is, a cipher for the more than existing, that which cannot in any way be willed.

One foot will ineluctably slide ahead of the other, sifting through images that have been written into being. The space between us widens just a touch and I scramble to plug the hole with the fragments of your image. The tangibility of the moment begins to dissolve behind as the foot pushes forward, back into an autonomous present.

The impossibility of the action – to make the mute eloquent – rubs at a wound. I do not hear you speak because I cannot understand your logic, and so I speak for you. But if I were to lay down my arms could I share this time and space with you or would my silence remain forever a translation of your mute language.

Searching for Something, 2015.


Mixed media, Dimensions variable.

Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10, 2015